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If you are experiencing discomfort or pain due to a missing tooth or teeth, now is the time to visit Dr. Lois Lee and our dental staff here in Lynnwood, Washington, for a professional dental examination. One of the best solutions to correct a missing tooth is getting a bridge placed to restore your speaking and eating abilities as well as relieve any pain or soreness.

Dental bridges offer restoration to your tooth in different forms including a Maryland bridge, an artificial tooth bonded to surrounding teeth; a traditional bridge, crowns placed on surrounding teeth connected to the artificial tooth; or a cantilever, an artificial tooth connected to one crown placed on a surrounding tooth.

This will be determined when you first visit your dentist who will prepare your mouth by contouring the surrounding teeth to be fitted for placement. A temporary bridge may be placed until the exact artificial tooth measurements are sent in and your dentist receives your new bridge. You will then have your new bridge installed with a follow-up with your dentist to confirm its usability and fit.

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