While taking care of your smile at home is essential to maintaining good dental health, visiting our office for routine cleanings and checkups is also crucial to keeping your smile healthy. During your regular visits to our dental practice, our dentist and dental team will provide you with a thorough teeth cleaning and exam to make certain your smile stays in good health. As part of your dental exam and teeth cleaning in Lynnwood, Washington, Dr. Lois Lee and our team will:

• Carefully remove all plaque and tartar (dental calculus) from your teeth, especially the hard-to-reach areas you might have missing in your daily brushing and flossing
• Floss and polish your teeth for a healthy, bright smile
• Provide a fluoride treatment to strengthen your teeth and prevent decay
• Thoroughly examine your smile, checking for signs of tooth decay, periodontal disease, and other dental problems
• Check existing dental restorations (such as fillings, crowns, and bridges) to make sure they are in good condition
• Use digital X-rays to identify any problems that are not easily detected with the unaided eye

Based on the findings of your exam, Dr. Lois Lee will be able to recommend any further preventive or restorative treatments you need to improve your dental health. Your routine cleanings and checkups are also a perfect time for you to ask us any questions you may have about taking care of your smile. For more information and to set up your next dental cleaning and checkup at Meadowdale Dental Clinic, we welcome you to contact us today!