While we strive to help you keep your teeth healthy for life, some circumstances may make tooth extraction, or tooth removal, the most effective option available for improving your dental health. You can rest assured that Dr. Lois Lee will not recommend tooth extraction unless it is truly the best available treatment option for your smile. We may suggest extracting a tooth if:

• There are too many teeth to comfortably fit in the mouth, causing severe crowding and misalignment
• Serious infection has destroyed a significant portion of the tooth and supporting bone structure
• A tooth is so severely decayed or damaged that an effective restoration is impossible

We may also recommend tooth extraction for a child if a baby tooth (primary tooth) is not falling out as it should and is blocking the way for an erupting permanent tooth. No matter the reason for your tooth extraction in Lynnwood, Washington, our gentle dentist and dental team will make certain that your treatment is as comfortable as possible. Following the removal of the tooth, we are happy to restore your smile with a dental implant, dental bridge, or denture. To learn more about our options for improving your smile’s health, we invite you to call or visit us today at Meadowdale Dental Clinic. We look forward to caring for you!